Can protein replete glycogen on a low-carb diet?

Can protein replete glycogen on a low-carb diet?

Question: Can protein replete glycogen on a low-carb diet?

Yes, it’s possible. And I don’t know exactly what the dosing is, but I think it’s totally possible. It comes at the risk, I don’t want to say risk, but at the downside of creating a lot more ammonia. But I think it’s quite possible. I think it was Master Nutrition, Energy Metabolism, Lesson 17, it was the one on the evidence around low-carb and athletic performance. And if you look at the studies suggesting low-carb does not compromise athletic performance, the diets are much higher protein than the diets that suggest that it does compromise athletic performance for glycogen levels. And so, I think on a low-carb diet protein is going to probably be a very critical determinant of glycogen levels.

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