Burritos Dukan de Ternera (fase Crucero) / Low Carb Beef Burritos

We are going to prepare some delicious Dukan Burritos de Venera, with the same tortillas that I showed you in the video of the Chicken Fajitas; just that this Once we will make the tortillas without using the oven For the filling of the Burritos we will need (for each person): 1/2 onion and 1/2 pepper cut into strips, about 200 grams of veal meat cut into strips or minced meat, 1 teaspoon of the sweet paprika dessert or paprika, 1 teaspoon of the cumin dessert, 1/2 teaspoon of assorted spices (or a mixture of garlic powder and chili ground) and finally, 1 teaspoon of olive oil

This is not the traditional way of preparing stuffed burritos, I know The usual thing is not to mix the ingredients until you have them in the pan: fry the onion and pepper with oil first, then add the meat, and then the spices and water or tomato crushed What I like to do like that is that we're giving spices a little bit more time for their aromas and their flavor to pass to the meat and the vegetables In the blog I'll leave the recipe as I'm recording it, and also the recipe traditional, so you can decide which one you like the most, all right? We are going to make the tortillas with the same dough that we used for Chicken Fajitas: It is made with 100 grams of tuna preserved in well drained water, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon cornstarch (cornstarch) and a pinch of salt We have to thoroughly mix all the ingredients, crumbling the tuna for form a paste

Here the most important thing is to have drained very, very well all the water possible of the tuna before making the mixture, otherwise we have a very liquid mass and we will have to add a Extra spoonful of Maizena To make the tortillas I'm going to need a pan and some paper circles of oven or waxed paper Making these circles is that simple: I fold a sheet of baking paper in half and the tailored to the size of the skillet Now I just have to cut with scissors following the line I put 1/3 of the tortilla dough on the paper, cover it with a second circle, and using a roller or a bottle I'm stretching the dough until I get it almost to the edge

This seems much more complicated of what it really is After a couple of times, you can do it until asleep, believe me We have the pan to the fire and we are going to cook the first omelette: after 1 minute we can remove the paper from above the tortilla will already be sufficiently curdled so that it takes off easily Let it cook another minute and we turn it around, I am helping myself with tweezers so as not to burn myself Another minute and he could take off the remaining paper

Have you noticed that Does not the paper burn? This is great, because well with these 2 circles of I can make the 3 tortillas that come out with this amount of dough, or even tortillas for several people I let it be done for two minutes more and meanwhile I'm shaping the next tortilla So as far as remove this I can cook the next one In this same pan we are going to brown the meat and the vegetables, for a couple of minutes, without any oil Then we will add 4 tablespoons of water (or 2 tablespoons of crushed tomato + 2 water) and let the meat cook for another two 3 or 4 minutes

If you look at the meat now It looks more juicy and has a little sauce We serve the Burritos with lettuce cut into strips and sauces that we like Making this fold in one of the sides get the burrito closed, that the sauce does not drip or the filling spills when eating it Good advantage! You have this and many other recipes on my blog Recipes Dukan María Martínez dot com And you know, if you do not want to miss the next videos subscribe to my channel, It's free


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