Best Low Carb Drinks at Starbucks

Hey everyone, Kym here, and today i'm at my neighborhood Starbucks to share with you guys my favorite low carb drinks to order This isn't to say that carbs are bad for you, in fact, i'm a carb monster! But i just prefer to eat my carbs through something more filling like fruits, vegetables, and grains instead of just drinking it all in one go which can happen very easily if you're not aware of what you're ordering

I actually didn't used to go to Starbucks all that much but they got me with those darn rewards Now i'm here almost all the time But what's great about Starbucks is that you can customize your drinks so it comes in handy for instances like this All the drinks i'm going to be sharing with you guys is based on the Tall cup size and it's all under 20g of carbs This is in no particular order

Number 1: Order a cafe latte or a flat white If you order this in a Tall cup size with no customization, it only comes to 14g of carbs which isn't so bad If you want to reduce it even more, substitute the milk for either soy milk or almond milk and you're going to cut the carb content by almost half Number 2: The vanilla sweat cream cold brew A tall has only 12g of carbs and if you ask for even just a splash, you're going to reduce it even more

By the way, i tried this recently in a hot drink so I ordered a Tall Blonde with sweet cream and it was delicious Bonus tip: if you add cinnamon to it, it's even better Next you can order just a black coffee with whipped cream So a tip for this is you can order the size that you would like in a cup size bigger so that you have room for the whipped cream and then again, sprinkle it with cinnamon, it's really delicious Whipped cream has only less than 1g of carb per serving

Yes, it's higher in fat but for the purpose of low carb drinks, this is perfect And again with coffee, you can order an iced black coffee but make sure you ask for no sweetener cus the sweetener actually has about 5g of carbs per serving so if you order a tall, that's already 10g automatically What you can do is you can ask them to substitute it for a sugar free sweetener and they have these sugar free sweeteners in a variety of different flavors Pretty much you have an iced coffee with no carbs And i think most of you guys know this but as much as possible, do not frappuccinos

These are carb city Depending on the flavor you get, one Tall frappuccino could add up to almost 50g of carbs or more The only exception I would make to this is ordering the coffee light frappuccino which only has 18g of carbs which still fits in our under 20g qualification By the way, fun fact, the highest amount of carbs in a tall size drink here at Starbucks is the Peppermint White Hot Chocolate with a whopping 64g of carbs in one Tall cup Do not order this drink! I hope you guys found this video helpful! If you guys enjoyed it, give it a thumbs up

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