Best Ever Low Carb Chicken Bake Recipe | Keto Chicken Recipe

today I'm going to show you how to make this bubbly delicious crispy chicken bake recipe it's low carb keto diet friendly so let's get straight into the recipe so pop your oven on to 180 degrees Celsius that's 350 Fahrenheit and then grab a big oven dish and we're going to fill it with chicken so I'm using two 1 kilo packages of chicken so about 2 kilos yes if you'd prefer to cook a kilo then cook the kilo, cook as much as you want to feed your family and I also like to have heaps and heaps and heaps of leftovers so i will always cook quadruple of what i need so there's no way my family of four going to eat all these big beautiful chicken legs but there will be leftovers for days and they absolutely adore this dish so it's always great having leftovers in the fridge and its really nice cold even, you don't even have to heat it up to enjoy this So we've popped our chicken legs in step one, let me put the package aside, now just so you know the blog post will be down below with a full recipe that you can print out

Now on to the sauce that we're going to add we're going to add a cup of sauce and you can use whichever sauce you like you can use ideally if you're following low carb keto diet find the lowest carb, they put loads of sugars and other ingredients into these pasta sauces, so find the lowest carb pasta sauce that you absolutely can and add a cup of it and for all we mix it all through we're just going to add one more ingredient and that is garlic, so I'm just going to pop a garlic clove in here and there and everywhere in between It's a gram of carb per garlic cloves add as little or as much as you want I just love this once the garlic is all roasted it is just amazing and then add your seasoning of choice whatever you like i'm going to add salt over there and now it's just a matter of mixing everything through and getting that sauce distributed into every drop, every crack you can go and toss your pieces over to just distribute the tomato around just distribute it and just you could add a little more or if you prefer to have a little less sauce you could add some little add less sauce it is totally up to you but I just found this whole cup added in popped in the oven it's just it already smells amazing i love this tomato sauce that i found it's just it i just went searching through every single bottle and I pick the one with the lowest carb of all of them and that is what i'm using so I'm very, I'm not doing this very methodically I'm just kind of haphazardly just when I see an empty bit of chicken taking a bit of sauce spreading it here, spreading it thereI find these jobs quite therapeutic in the kitchen I'm not sure about you but I am quite happy with that and now this is going to go into the oven for 45 minutes but again it just depends on how many chicken legs you're using i'm using just the chicken legs just the drumsticks and so i'm popping this in for 45 minutes if you're not sure start was half an hour take it out and if it's crisping up nicely that's perfect and so we do it 45 minutes turn it over another half an hour and that's me Perfect, so let's pop this in the oven and i'll show you it looks like after 45 minutes Ok, so I've taken it out of the oven I've turned all the pieces of chicken over and I've topped it with a little bit of cheese now this isn't going to be a super cheesy dish unless you wanted to I like just a subtle bit of cheese can see it's already starting to melt in and it's going to go back into the oven for final half an hour so 30 to 45 minutes first time another half an hour and then you'll have perfect the best chicken bake so I'll show you once it is completely cooked in another half an hour Check it out it's all bubbling hot and crispy and tastes amazing it's just one of awesome dishes the whole family absolutely loves it and if you're low carb keto friendly like me you can serve it with some cauliflower mash veg of choice in the side or just enjoy it with maybe a bit of sour cream on the side or just as it is

Or you could enjoy it with mashed potato or your favorite carb of choice and rice might be nice as well and that is the recipe for today my absolute favorite best ever chicken bake thanks so much for watching this video make sure that you leave a like and subscribe for more inspiration and then comment down below let me know what you think of this recipe I look forward to reading your comments and we'll see you again soon bye

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