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*music* Hi this is Steph from StupidEasyPaleocom and today we're making my 3-Ingredient Banana Pudding

You know, some days you just want a quick paleo breakfast that has more of that traditional breakfast-y feel It's a little bit sweet but not so sweet that it's going to cause your blood sugar to crash mid- morning, and something that keeps you satisfied and full throughout the day My 3-Ingredient Banana Pudding is, as it says, three ingredients It is so simple, and I made this because I was at the grocery store and I saw these little cups of chia pudding, and they were so expensive! I couldn't believe how much it costs for a little cup of chia pudding, so I said you know what, we're making this at home It's really simple

For a serving of one, and you can multiply this, all I use is one ripe banana Put that in a food processor You can also do this in a blender I add a quarter cup of coconut milk If you can't do coconut milk, feel free to add any nut milk you want Almond milk would also make a great substitute here or any other kind of nut milk, dairy free if you want, or you could add regular milk too

And then I blend that up until it's nice and smoothso just banana and coconut milk And to that, I stir in the chia seeds

Now, chia seeds are really cool because they soak up any of the liquid and they get nice and plump They thicken the liquid without having to cook it, without having to add any grains or thickeners, and then sometimes if I'm feeling a little bit crazy I add a dash of vanilla extract I stir that really well so that the chia seeds start to soak up the moisture and thicken the liquid Then I put that in the refrigerator and sometimes portion it out into small containers or we just leave the whole bowl in the fridge and scoop out from there as we need it You can garnish this with anything you want

Add fruit, coconut flakes, some banana chips for crunchIf you're wanting to add a little bit of extra protein you could certainly stir in some collagen powder or some protein powder to just give it a little extra protein boost And that's it! It's really easy, totally customizable, but a nice filling breakfast that's going to keep you going and keep your energy levels stable throughout the day

For more recipes just like my 3-Ingredient Banana Pudding, head to StupidEasyPaleocom

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