The “Bacon & Butter” Ketogenic Cookbook – Is This What Should Be on Your Reading List?

More and more people are becoming interested in ketogenic eating. Those who follow this diet say it helps them lose weight fast, while also offering a lot of other benefits. The problem, however, is that there are very few ketogenic cookbooks out there, since it is a pretty new concept for dieting. That is what the Bacon & Butter Ketogenic Cookbook wishes to change.

The ketogenic diet tends to work by placing the body into ketosis, for a short period of time. When the body is in ketosis, it means that it will start to burn fat instead of protein and carbohydrates for energy. However, diets will often fail because they allow the reintroduction of too many carbs too soon, which means your body quickly gets out of ketosis. If you want to force your body to stay in ketosis, which also means losing the fat and keeping the fat off, then you need to go on a keto diet.

The “Bacon & Butter” Ketogenic CookbookThe Bacon & Butter Ketogenic Cookbook, at the time of this writing, was available for free. But is it worth downloading and trying the recipes? Will it truly help you increase your energy, improve your health, burn fat, and lower your intake of carbs, all the while enabling you to eat delicious meals full of flavor? Let’s take a look.

What Is It?

The “Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook” was written by Celby Richoux. It was published and printed by PaleoReboot, which has released quite a number of Paleo diet books. However, this is the first time they have moved into the keto diet, and it is likely that they will release many similar products, including cookbooks, shopping lists, and how to guides that help people adjust to this new kind of lifestyle.

The keto diet means that you eat around 75% fats, 20% protein, and 5% carbs. This is a significant change from the average human diet, which is why it is really challenging to stick to. Not just that, you will have to eat something healthy three times a day, as well as snacks, and you must all follow that pattern. It is no surprise, therefore, that people have a real need for this cookbook. And that is precisely why it has been created as well.

At the time of this writing, the book was available completely free. The only cost involved is postage and packaging. That is a seriously good deal, considering that the book has been available for purchase for a while at around the $20 price mark, and it has sold very well. It contains 148 unique recipes, which means you will never find yourself bored with your food.

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Celby RichouxWho Is Celby Richoux?

Celby, like many diet book authors, was overweight, moody, exhausted, and had many different physical problems because of her weight. She switched to the ketogenic diet, which is high in fat and low in carbs, and instantly saw a difference. Today, she is fully in control of her weight and she has excellent energy levels as well. Plus, she eats those things that she actually enjoys. Bacon & Butter is her first book and her love for health, happiness, and nutrition really shines through in it.

What Do You Get?

When you receive your book, you will first get an introduction to what the keto diet is, what ketosis is, and why you need it if you want your body to no longer burn carbs and protein, switching to burning fat instead. It then goes into describing a list of various common high-carb foods that you will have to avoid. Unfortunately, carbs are a big no-no in the keto diet, and this is one of the things people struggle with the most.

The book then goes on to explain why cravings happen. This is important, because it makes giving up those carbs a lot easier. Then, you will get into the recipes, which include:

  • 18 breakfast recipes, such as raspberry scones and eEgs Benedict
  • 14 smoothie recipes, such as avocado blueberry smoothie and green tea smoothie
  • 20 snack recipes, such as bacon-wrapped mozzarella sticks and bacon guacamole
  • 15 sneaky keto classics, such as zucchini lasagna, cheesy taco shells, and cauliflower pizza
  • 15 seafood recipes such as smoked salmon avocado sushi roll and crab cakes with garlic aioli
  • 20 chicken recipes, including chicken piccata and Cilantro chili chicken skewers
  • 20 beef, pork, and lamb recipes, including herb-crusted lamb chop, grilled hanger steak, and bacon-wrapped pork loin
  • 12 satisfying dessert recipes, such as coconut truffles and lemon cheesecake bars

Last but not least, you will learn about the greatest enemy to the keto diet. Unfortunately, that isn’t the standard “macros” like protein and carbs. Instead, it is the fact that people are likely to tell you that you eat too much fat. What the book does is provide you with a way to ensure you can truly stay committed if you are ready to embrace the keto diet.

Does the Keto Diet Actually Work?Does the Keto Diet Actually Work?

There are many reasons why people would turn to the Keto diet, which is one of the things that make it so special. It isn’t just about losing weight, in other words. People choose to try keto because they are pre-diabetics, because they have inflammatory conditions, and more. The fact that ketosis is real has been properly documented, which also means that the keto diet definitely does work.

However, and this is quite an important issue, it is very difficult to make the original switch to the keto diet. Often, people spend a few days feeling quite sick and exhausted. Fortunately, this stage is usually short-lived.

In fact, there are numerous experts who now recommend people put themselves into ketosis. That said, they advocate fluid states, which means that you balance on the edge of ketosis. Hence, if you ever need to lose a little bit of weight, or have some sort of inflammation, you could change your diet with ease for a short period of time and go into ketosis. Unfortunately, most people are so far away from achieving ketosis that this is nearly impossible. Hence, it would be better for them to follow the Bacon & Butter Cookbook and enter ketosis, after which they can decide whether to remain in that state or not.

What I Didn’t Like About Bacon & ButterWhat I Liked About Bacon & Butter

The book is offered for free. While this may make it sound too good to be true, the company has released an official statement to explain that it is their way of introducing the new author to the keto community. Additionally, they hope that it will encourage more people to join the keto way of life.
Ketosis is backed by scientific evidence.

Most people feel that, once they get used to ketosis, they have more energy levels and experience greater happiness with life in general.

There are no side effects or dangers associated with following the keto diet.

If you aren’t happy with the cook book, you can return it. Should you miss the current period during which time the book is free, you can return it and get your money back.

The book has been available as a Kindle version on Amazon and received a significant number of positive reviews, with people hailing the tasty, easy to make recipes, as well as the fact that it is possible to adapt the recipes if there are ingredients you are not keen on.

It is not just a recipe book, it also describes the keto diet, why it works, and why you may find it difficult to follow for a short period of time.

It includes an element on how to manage social gatherings, which is often very difficult for those on lifestyle diets.

What I Liked About Bacon & ButterWhat I Didn’t Like About Bacon & Butter

It requires a true lifestyle change, and it is not the easiest one to make.

Keto flu” is a common side effect, which means you will feel groggy and fatigued for a number of days before you start to feel like yourself again. However, drinking plenty of water, perhaps with some electrolyte additions, usually makes this a lot better.

The product is quite new, which means it is difficult to find any reviews that span a longer period of time.

There have been some complaints about the poor formatting of the book.

Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet CookbookThe Final Verdict

Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook is currently available completely free. All you have to pay is the shipping fee. It was written by Celby Richoux, who is living proof of the fact that the keto diet works. The recipes in the cookbook are varied and interesting, meaning that if you decide to adopt the keto lifestyle, you will have plenty of dishes, meals, and snacks to choose from.

The book also offers a lot more than recipes alone. Celby shares her own story for inspiration. It also includes charts through which you can easily pick foods, and guides on how many carbs are included in which common foods. Every recipe also includes nutritional information.

The book is available for free, but even if you had to pay for it, I believe it would be worth it. Give it a try, you owe it to yourself to see if you can become healthier and happier.

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