Hi everyone We have Elissa with us today And at the end of last year she completed the 6 Week Low Carb Challenge with us

So we just wanted to ask her a few questions see how she went and what she got out of it So first of all give us an idea about what was the reason for you initially wanting to do the low carb challenge? So the main reason for me was I was feeling quite lacking in energy

and even after a full night's sleep I'd wake up and I'd be quite exhausted I was exercising regularly, but just not feeling like I was getting the most out of it So the challenge popped up on Facebook and there are all these benefits that allowed for improved energy and clarity of mind which was also helpful, and so I thought I'd give it a go

Great and What surprised you most when you actually started the challenge Things that maybe you didn't really anticipate happening or yeah? For me I think there was some new

there's a lot of new knowledge; a lot of new information that I hadn't really heard about I thought it was good to cut back on carbs, but I didn't know about the whole low carb high fat philosophy yeah, yeah And so I guess what surprised me was just how easy it was to actually Once you given us the tools and the knowledge and the guidelines to actually bring that into everyday life It surprised me how easy it was And also the intermittent fasting I've never really heard of I've never really tried it before And it was a bit challenging those first couple weeks, and I felt quite grumpy at times I felt quite tired, but then as it unfolded as the weeks progressed, I actually really liked the fasting aspect of it too So that was a good surprise

Yes right And so the challenge finished about six weeks ago So you've had six weeks not doing the the challenge itself

But have you been able to maintain the low carb lifestyle, and do you think this is something you'll continue with ongoing? So yes The challenge finished just as we were leading into Christmas, and I felt like I was very conscious of my choices with food, but relaxing at the same time over summer

But in saying that particularly when I'm at home I'm always very conscious of the meals that I'm cooking and always trying to incorporate that low carb high fat sort of mix And I think it's just great to have the challenge come up again 6 weeks later, just to kind of reiterate things Or if I haven't remembered things to go back and look at it again Yes, so it's definitely something that I've been able to continue and yeah I'm enjoying it So if there were people out there thinking that this is something for them

would you be recommending it to others, and who in particular? So I definitely have been talking about it with friends and I would recommend it to everyone can benefit from this Just the way you end up feeling particularly after the challenge is just healthy and energetic and so many benefits But I think you know I guess if it's about you know where I was at just that whole you know getting better sleep and having more energy, and getting more out of my exercise which was all sort of where I came from in the beginning Great Thank you for that

Thank you

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