6 Month Weight Loss Transformation – Low Carb Keto Diet Success

Hello and welcome back to my Channel today I have my six-month weight loss transformation update to share with you It's been six months, a half a year that I've been on the low carb keto diet and what a transformation it's been

I can't believe how quickly the time has gone but then this just feels natural to me, it's just my life, it's just the way that I eat I just I love it so much and today I'm gonna share all my journey with you the ups downs how the past month has gone and all of that So, yeah another month has sped by it's been an interesting month because there have been a couple of experiments happening first of which if you watched my video last month I was going to experiment with playing around with having less dairy So, instead of having dairy with breakfast lunch dinner and then snacks and in between and more and dairy all the time I cut back and I had some days with no dairy and I had some days where I just tried a little bit so I could really see how I felt after different types of dairy It was a very interesting experiment I discovered butter agrees with me, you know i love my butter, so butter i can i'm keeping in my diet, awesome! Little bits of cheese agree with me, too much cheese and i get a sore tummy

So it's been good experimenting Brie and other soft cheeses agrees with me Cream, sour cream and mascarpone, every time I have I don't feel so great afterwards so eliminating it and playing around and good i'm going to give myself a break from those kinds of dairy for a while and then like reintroduce and just play around again i'm not saying this as a prescriptive measure you shouldn't go out and copy what i'm doing but i'm just sharing what's works with me and i'm experimenting myself and as always i share what happened and how my experiments work so going forward yes i'll be including dairy in my diet and playing around having a little bit more little bit less going dairy free days just experimenting as i feel Butter is always included and i'm also taking supplements, the supplement I take with electrolytes every day also has calcium in it so I'm not really concerned about having no calcium if you are to cut out dairy go and definitely chat with your doctor, health professional if you're thinking of cutting out dairy and look into supplementation to make sure you don't miss out on calcium or any other important elements that your body needs so that was experiment number two number one getting ahead of myself experiment number two was playing around was not weighing myself, well attempting to not weigh myself which went really well for two weeks and at the two week mark I was just too curious because of all the dairy cutting out and I wanted to see what happens so I stepped on the scale after two weeks and I lost a kilo, 2 pounds which I was really happy with and because in the past I've been losing about a kilo a month so a kilo in two weeks I was very happy with and then I kind of just vowed to weigh myself once a week not daily and so then in the past past few days actually there's been a further experiment which I might touch on today and then go into in further detail in future videos because obviously cutting out so much dairy and I felt I've needed more and I played around it adding more fat but that hasn't really helped, just it hasn't done too much so I've been playing around with adding a smidge more carbs

Now my carbs up to that point, I don't actually count my macros every day the days that i do i'm usually between 18 and 25 grams of carbs which is keto low-carb super low carb and I dunno I've just felt in me that I want to increase that a lot, not going high carb, anything under 100 grams of carbs is technically considered low carb, keto usually under the 50 gram mark so I'd say I am somewhere between 25 and 50 grams the last couple of days and the first day when I increased my carbs the next morning I stepped on the scale overnight I lost point 9 yep just under a kilo about two pounds overnight by just increasing my carbs and I didn't go crazy I didn't crack open a loaf of bread I just had a bit more vegetables and when I have my strawberries for a snack instead of I instead of having four strawberries I went crazy and had 8 strawberries so I'm just the carbs i had through the day I just upped it so when I had my veg I put a bit more veg on my plate or instead of usually I've been having one veg with each meal I had two veg with each meal for that for it's just been a couple of days so we very early into the experiment but I'm going to be seeing how I feel and how the scale move I'm again not going to try and weigh myself daily but I'm going to weigh myself more frequently to see how this experiment is going with increasing towards the 50 gram mark again this isn't a do what I do this is listen to your body I felt there was something missing it's difficult to explain I felt there was something missing and I thought well I am gonna play around with my carbs and if over the next few days having fiftyish grams of carbs instead of 25 I've put on weight I'll think about it but losing and losing and then the next day stay in the same it kind of makes me think maybe I need to up my carbs for a bit and still be keto still be low carbs but just play around with my numbers it's an experiment I've always said that this diet is awesome I love this way of eating I gravitate towards low-carb high-fat foods now and I don't see that changing for a time to come but I'm always open to experimenting and listen to my body and doing what I feel for this diet to be sustainable in the long term and it's going to continue changing and I thank you for joining me on this journey and just yes make sure you subscribe what you're not the end of the video! Yeah so, going forward I am going to just keep experimenting with my carbs I might film a video more documenting how I am increasing my carbs leave a comment let me know if you're curious about increasing carbs on Keto and still losing weight but again I'm not reaching for pizza, pasta, bread nothing like that it's more having more veggies and I think I might even try a few more fruits and be a bit crazy as well and it also i've also been thinking of upping my carbs and being a little bit more risky because I'm going to Japan in a couple of weeks I know i talk about it every month but it's it's yeah it's coming in a few weeks I'm going to be jetting off to Japan and I am going to try my utmost to keep low carb high fat but when I go to the market and I see beautiful exotic fruit I want to know I can have fruit and vegetables and feel okay so I'm happy kind of upping my limit just to be able to enjoy that I'm not going to be having noodles and dumplings and all that I've actually got no desire for it so I'm going to be going there keeping low carb high fat documenting it all sharing the journey with you but I just want to know that if I go and eat a bit of meat and it maybe it's marinating something which is higher carb I'm not going to feel awful because I'm kind of slowly edging towards high carbs I hope that makes sense it's what I'm doing again I'm just sharing the journey as I go really honest and raw and open unedited me I thought i'd share Interesting incident which happened through the month which really made me realize how I how much weight I've lost I was on a train with my kids to the city and usually, it's a bit embarrassing, usually on train seat I have a little bit of spillage, you know I've got quite a bottom and so usually when I sit on the train there's my seat and I take over a little bit of my neighbors seat it's a bit embarrassing but you know and so I caught a train with the boysto the city usually a combat by placing one of the children next to me so yeah they're taking up the seat and like no one really has to notice yeah anyway and what happened was we were on the way to the city and the boys decide they want to sit next to each other so there's two and two seats the boys sat next to each other and I was by myself, didn't really think about anything and then a man came and sat next to me and initially I was mortified because I thought oh my gosh I'm taking up half a seat and then I realized I wasn't he was in his seat and I was in my seat and somehow my bottom was contained to one seat and I it was such an awesome feeling an awesome moment almost wanted to tap him on he shoulder and say hey look see! Own seat! Yeah look at me! but I didn't!I had a little party in my brain instead It just it felt awesome it felt amazing and it just reassured what I'm doing and just I was it was one of those like happy little moments which I just know that I really I'm just so thankful for the weight I've lost and yeh look forward to seeing where my journey takes me in the future so overall what did I actually lose in six months my total weight loss for six months is 15

4 kilos which is about a little over 33 pounds in six months which I am over the moon about the last month I lost two ish kilos about four pounds I have to keep converting And I feel awesome i feel so much energy I'm 35 I feel like I have more energy than I had in my 30s and my 20s I feel awesome I'm feel so energetic I feel so much smaller Oh! before I after photos mustn't forget those so I took pictures this morning I'm just everywhere this morning

I took photos this morning I took photos this morning in my yellow top so let's do some before and after so before in my yellow top over here I just look sad I was in just such a sad place and I just needed to do something and Keto was it and now today me in this yellow top my waist my chest my face my eyes my happiness level is just through the roof I just I can't speak highly enough of the diet and how it's changed my life and really saved my life it's just been awesome and looking at the before and after photos just it just reassures to me that what I'm doing is working and I'm looking great and I'm feeling great and I'm going to be continuing on this for the time coming for the foreseeable future and I hope that you'll join and subscribe if you're not already join the yummy inspirations community leave any questions comments down below and I'll be sure to answer them and also I'll leave a blog post down below with more of my thoughts about six months on Keto I hope that you'll give that a read and yeah thanks so much again for watching if you don't already know I've also actually got an e-book called the Quick Start to Keto guide it's on amazon i'll leave a link down below to that as well and if you don't have a kindle you can also download a free app to be able to read it I shared that ebook a little while ago, it's been read by heaps of you, I really appreciate it got some awesome reviews, it's just an easy way to get straight into Keto All my thoughts about how I got into Keto and what I did and meals and just really simple easy quick guide so it's down below check it out really appreciate it and thanks again for watching and we'll see you again soon bye

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