50 Low Carb, THM, Keto Freezer Meals for the Instant Pot | Freezer Cooking Day Part Two

– Okay, so a few things have changed since I was filming those keto instant pot meals last night Number one is my voice has gotten worse

Number two is it's a brand new day Number three is I have my trademark towel on my head while I'm freezer cooking I'm sure I have shared that the last Walmart grocery order, I just can't express how many goofy things went wrong Like there were some things that were on the receipt that we didn't get, there were quantities that were not what I put in the order for So it was just a whole lot, and you know, we've used Walmart Grocery Pickup order for well over a year now, and this particular order out of all of them, it just had a lot of weird things go wrong

So it's no one's fault in particular, other than it's really put a damper on my freezer cooking attempts I sent Travis again to Walmart today, so that's his third Walmart trip in less than 24 hours, trying to get our list exactly how I wanted it ordered So last night, I got 35 of the keto, low carb, Trim Healthy Mama, etc instant pot freezer meals completed, and then I just had to stop because I was missing too many little things Like I was totally missing turkey, and I was totally missing heavy cream

You're just gonna have to excuse my voice I feel fine, I just sound stupid So what's new? Okay, so yesterday we got done two bags of chicken fajitas, four bags of balsamic rosemary roast, two bags of Philly cheese steak, two bags of Italian beef roast, four bags of roasted Caesar pork, two bags of buffalo chicken wraps, four bags of spicy chicken legs, two bags of lime cilantro chicken, two bags of balsamic and lemon chicken, two bags of coconut and lime chicken, three bags of chicken and cauliflower curry, which was excellent, we had it for dinner last night, even all the little kids ate it all up, they had it over brown rice Two bags of Italian chicken, two bags of zesty Italian pork So what we need to do this evening to get this finished up, we need to get the bacon chicken stew done, I need to get the low carb meatloaves done, need to get the instant pot or slow cooker stuffed peppers done, the low carb salmon cakes, the turkey meatballs, and cabbage lasagna, and the bacon cheeseburger bake

After that, I will be done I just put half an onion in each of these bags for the bacon chicken stew that I'm doing So here are both bags Of course I'm gonna push the air out and seal them up in a moment One question I've gotten quite a bit on Instagram is if I'm prepping these meals with frozen chicken

And as you all have seen in this video, I am There's a couple reasons I'm doing that One, if I would've bought fresh chicken, you know what, or whatever the chicken is from Walmart, but it's not frozen, I would've had to heave stored it in my refrigerator until I could get these meals made, and I just didn't have the space for that, even with three refrigerators Also, these are freezer meals anyway, so the prep is the same, everything cooks up the same, I'm not leaving the chicken out at room temperature for a long period of time One of the things I'm going to make several pans of is a lasagna with cabbage leaves, so I'm going to get this cabbage simmering on the stove top just prepping it for when I get to that point

Also, Zion is prepping, because we're gonna do a whole bunch of keto low carb stuffed peppers I'm having him save all the tops for me because we'll probably use that in the sauce that'll go over the peppers Look, see I'm making a mess everywhere I go And then there is our growing pot of peppers I'm just gonna let these cabbage leaves simmer for a bit because again, we're gonna use these instead of noodles, we're gonna use these for our noodle layers in our cabbage lasagna

Okay, with all this prep work being done, since I have the leaves started for the cabbage lasagna, and Zion is working on getting our peppers ready, I already pre-cooked this ground beef yesterday I just drained the hot pot of the cabbage leaves, and I'm getting ready to show you, I'm prepping everything now to do a whole lotta lotta stuffed peppers Over on my stove, I just, I went ahead and made the decision to put 10 more pounds of ground beef on the stove I put it in a big pot, and I'm just gonna cook it in the hot pot like that That's gonna be the meat that I need for the bacon cheeseburger bakes and for the cabbage lasagna

I am using five pounds of ground beef at this moment, and prepping for the stuffed peppers I may end up, when it's all said and done, with about five to seven pounds of pre-cooked ground beef that I don't actually need right now, and that's always gold because I can put it in a bag, throw that in the freezer, and at some point, I'll use it in something Throw it in a pot of chili, in another thing of spaghetti sauce, some recipe somewhere, don't worry, that ground beef will get used And then I'm putting in two sups of grated Parmesan cheese This is 16 ounces, so I'm just gonna dump the whole thing in

So I just put the cut tops from all the peppers in here also, and the 12 cups of tomato sauce, five pounds of cooked ground beef Okay, whole lot of drama coming in the door Everybody is back from dance (child shouting) At least look up at me, man, look at me, look, look, hi, hi – Hi

– [Jamerrill] What did you do at tap? – Danced – [Jamerrill] You danced? Amelia, let me show how cute you look – [Child] Mommy – [Jamerrill] Look, dance hair – She got Elsa stickers, mom

– You got Elsa sticker, and you put them on your tap shoes So, yay, here are all the bags of stuffed peppers So I'll get these two done now, and then we'll go after these next three Here is the first cabbage lasagna completely assembled And actually, I'm feeling hungry now, and I have a cabbage lasagna in front of me, smells like lasagna, looks like lasagna

Gonna get this in the oven, and I'm gonna eat some So here is the second cabbage lasagna, I just finished I have the one in the oven, 'cause yeah, why not? I want lasagna So I'll set this aside, and we'll make a few more pans of this Now I'm putting in the ricotta

Another layer of meat sauce So that is how our third deep dish lasagna turned out Now yes, my cheese is a little dark there, but that's okay It stayed in probably 30 seconds too long, but look at this just wonderful pan of lasagna goodness It looks just like a lasagna

It's very pretty and lasagna-looking So what I'm working on now is the bacon cheeseburger low carb bake A cup of heavy cream, and we have a cup of mayonnaise Next I'm putting in two cans of tomato paste So that's all looking in there

And here's how the bacon cheeseburger bakes turned out, and I topped them also with four cups of shredded cheese each Okay, so we're making it My voice isn't making it, but we're making it, we're doing this Several of you have asked to see how I wrap the freezer meals, especially the big pans So since I can't communicate that with my vocal cords, I'm gonna show you

(foil crinkling) So what I do many times is I do a double layer of foil and then a double layer of plastic wrap So I'm gonna work on doing meatloaf And we're gonna use pork rinds as our binder (bag crinkling) Okay, friends, future Jamerrill here My voice has almost recovered

You see what happened is that night after I got done with those meatloaves, I just could not talk anymore, and then the following two days, I lost my voice And so I just rested and didn't say much Anyway, I'm back today, doing more freezer cooking for my family, 'cause this mama is going back out of town for six days, and all these people need to eat So we're filming all sorts of large family freezer breakfast and lunches, so be on the lookout for those I wanted to give you the total of all of the keto, low carb, Trim Healthy Mama style freezer meals that I got done during this freezer cooking time

It ended up being right at about 43 keto instant pot freezer meals, and then I got done about six low carb bakes The bakes ended up being, I got four of the low carb cabbage lasagnas done, and I did two of those bacon cheeseburger bakes, I did several dozen of those turkey meatballs Now the turkey meatballs can just go in with many sauces or different meals, however you'd like to use them I did not get to the low carb salmon cakes Those will just have to roll over to another time

Sorry, salmon cakes, would've loved to have made you, but this mama dropped out after that What we did get done, to recap, we got two meals with the beef fajitas, four with the balsamic rosemary roast, two Philly cheese steak meals, two Italian beef roast, four roasted Caesar pork roast, two buffalo chicken wrap meals, four spicy chicken drumstick meals, two lime and cilantro chicken meals, two balsamic lemon chicken bakes, two coconut lime chickens, three chicken and cauliflower curries, two Greek chickens, two bacon chicken stews, two Italian chickens, two zesty Italian pork roast, and then the two low carb meatloaves I actually, we had that last night, it was great And then four meals with the stuffed peppers And actually, what has already happened, again, future Jamerrill here, is my husband went and dropped off half of these meals with another large family mama friend of mine, and we were just passing on some of the freezer cooking love for their family

So for our family, that's left us with right about 22 low carb instant pot freezer meals, all that jazz, or use them in your slow cooker All the directions and recipes for every single thing I shared is gonna be over on largefamilytablecom I have a link in the description below But here's what I want you to do

Are you still here? You need to listen to this mama for a minute, okay? I need you to text the word freezer to 44222 If the text doesn't work, that link will also be in the description box, because I have updated my super mega freebie It is now the super mega Large Family Food collection In that we have the freezer meal planning pack, which is eight pages to help you plan your freezer meal days But there's now my full meal planning collection that has meal planners for weekly, biweekly, and monthly meal planning for your family

I have just added in the happy family holiday collection This is over 30 pages, and it has everything you need to meal plan for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, birthdays, and we even have blank holiday celebration planning pages with over 30 pages to help you plan, organize, shop for, and cook all of your upcoming holiday meals So please, please, please, get this pack

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