4 Low Carb Yogurt Recipes

what up guys and welcome back to the fit men cook kitchen today's video is a lot of fun because I'm gonna show you all four tasty ways to incorporate more yogurt into your diet shout out to my friends over a yo plate for providing the tasty yogurt for today's video we're gonna be using why q by yo plate plate this yogurt is rich and creamy and it's made with ultra filtered milk this 53 ounce package right here is packed with protein it's got 17 grams of protein and one gram of sugar those the type of macros that I like and so delicious is just milking cultures when you want to switch it up just from eating it from the carton like this then come back to this video let's get started but before we start you know I have to tell one of my jokes because I think they're funny so two cartons of yogurt walk into a smoothie bar right and the bartender says hey we don't serve your kind here they were so incredibly offended they're like what kind is that he says the cultured kind the cultured guy okay I'm gonna get to the video first up we're making some low carb biscuits to start the morning right or whenever you need a midday pick-me-up first we're gonna pour in some almond flour some baking powder some garlic powder for some flavor a pinch of salt and your own herb of choice I'm gonna be using some fresh dill mix this up together and make sure that you mash out all of the lumps in the almond flour next we're gonna add in an egg but we're gonna beat it first or in the egg and about four tablespoons of y/q plain and you'll know it's finished when it's thick and frothy next we're gonna line a baking tray with some parchment paper and then scoop out about six servings I like to use an ice cream scoop because it makes it much easier next we're gonna bake this in the oven for about 15 minutes into the nice and golden and of course my favorite way to enjoy these is sandwich slice these bad boys open and a little bit more yogurt fold in some fresh garlic really helps but what really is popping through right now is the fresh dill the fresh herbs add a lot of personality to what already is a pretty darn good biscuit next up we're making a spiced chicken kebab we're gonna be using the Y Q plane as a base for the marinade first up we're gonna chop some chicken breasts into pieces you want the chunks to be about one inch thick next we're gonna make the marinade let's add in the Y Q plane about one cup then add some garlic cumin turmeric smoked paprika some Cayenne for some heat lemon zest some freshly squeezed lemon juice a pinch of sea salt and pepper and finally some olive oil and mix everything together add the chicken to a sealable plastic bag and then pour in the marinade release all the air from the bag and seal it close and mash and mix everything together marinate this in the fridge for at least two hours but for best results do it overnight after about two hours or overnight and make the kebab grab yourself a wooden skewer and assemble we're gonna place these kebabs on a baking sheet lined with some parchment paper or for best results guys I like to use a baking rack we're gonna bake this entire tray in the oven for about 20 minutes at 4:20 somewhere and the best thing is you can customize the marinade using your favorite seasonings and spices and herbs mmm whenever you marinate it in the yogurt and comes out much more moist and tender and delicious no more treble chicken this next recipe goes out to all the college students or those who find themselves in a pinch of time and money just make some avocado chicken salad we're gonna toss in some yq– plain to boost the creaminess of it and the protein content so when it comes to the chicken you could either use some canned chicken or you can use some rotisserie chicken for this version I'm gonna use the rotisserie chicken so all you got to do is just take off the skin break off all the white meat got it chop it up now so the canned chicken already comes ready to use just drain it pour it into the bowl this one requires a little bit more effort but I just find what to say chicken to be much tastier okay and set this aside what's this finely chopped up now we're gonna make the base of the salad and take a ripe avocado and then mash it up inside of the shell and then add it to the bowl add in a dull up of our Y cube plane and some garlic powder next I'm gonna add in some red onion some chopped celery some bell pepper and the chicken and I'll just fold and mix everything together last thing I'm gonna add in it's just a little bit of lime juice and pinch of sea salt and pepper fold everything together and I dare you to make this without just taste testing along the way you're gonna be so full just for making it because you're gonna do what I do keep taste testing so good so my personal way of enjoying this of course is building a texas-sized sandwich that's lettuce here add some tomatoes load it up look at avvocato chicken salad mmm it's always the simple things that I always have the most amount of flavor minimal work five minutes to whip up eat all week long and finally we are making a lower carb smoothie bowl now I'm not sure about you but I love those type of bowls but they tend to be much higher in carbs and refined sugar so I'm gonna show you some quick ways that you can reduce the sugar but also not compromise the flavor so to boost the protein content we're using the yq– plain one cup is gonna give us 26 grams of protein we're also gonna be using some frozen berries and we're also tossing in a very special ingredient zucchini it's gonna add a lot of volume and texture to the bowl I promise you you won't even know it's there first thing we're gonna do is peel the zucchini and then chop this into pieces and now for best results you can actually freeze the zucchini the same way that you do the berries so that way you have a much creamier texture in your bowl and I already have some frozen ones here I'm gonna add these to the blender gonna add in at least one cup of the y/q plain frozen berries I'm using a mixture of blackberries and frozen blueberries you can also toss in a little bit of vanilla extract the best way to do smoothie bowls guys or just smoothies in general is to always start off slow and gradually increase your speed yeah look how rich and creamy that is that's exactly the texture you want looks just like ice cream right and what is any smoothie Bowl without some toppings remember we're gonna keep this sugar low so we're gonna add an assortment of nuts and seeds and some dried coconut so I've got some walnuts here let's add some pepitas or some pumpkin seeds and some dried coconut flakes and lastly a little bit of chia seed our lower carb Aries smoothie yogurt bowl mmm-hmm seriously this is delicious it's refreshing and got a lot of crunch and texture from the nuts and seeds and coconut tons of flavor here and the best thing we're not loading it with tons of unnecessary sugar all right guys that is it for today's video I want to thank y'all for watching if you like mashup videos like this and I invite you to do a quick pop pop pop on that like button below and also comment below your favorite way to incorporate yogurt into your own diet so we can take your idea and all live healthier happier and tastier lives you can get all the recipes from this video from fitmin cook calm again thank y'all for watching until next time I want you how to keep it healthy but what that's right never ever boring ooh bye guys

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