4 HEALTHY LOW CALORIE & HIGH PROTEIN SNACKS & DESSERTS | *weight loss* Easy, Quick Vegan, GF Treats!

4 HEALTHY LOW CALORIE & HIGH PROTEIN SNACKS & DESSERTS | *weight loss* Easy, Quick Vegan, GF Treats!

ONLY 100 CALORIES EACH OR LESS! 4 Healthy, Easy, Delicious sweet treats perfect as a low calorie dessert or snack for weight loss. Everyone always asks me what I snack on, so here are my 4 go to simple snacks or desserts. I have a VERY sweet tooth hence why my snacks can be dessert too! Didn’t think you could have a brownie low in calories, WRONG, todays video includes a delicious 100 calorie 1 minute brownie mug, rich chocolate protein yogurt, low calorie protein peanut butter cookies and Nutella, yes Nutella protein balls. These are all super simple, protein packed weight loss snacks or just healthy desserts for you to try. I used my fitness pal to show you all the macros and calories of each recipe.

*my protein powder is quite sweet so you may want to add stevia or a different sweetener such as maple syrup, if you want some extra sweetness.

I hope you love these recipes as much as I do!

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I know how helpful it can be to know the macros and calories in your food, even if you are not looking to loose weight. If you are tracking your calories for any reason or just trying to eat a little healthier than I break down all the macros of each recipe for you in this video. These recipes are all really low in calories, high in protein, vegan and gluten free! It can be so hard to find fast easy snacks and desserts that aren’t packed with sugar or artifice sweetness. These are my go to healthy vegan snacks and desserts which I love! I would be so lost without these sweet treats and it really stops me from just grabbing a cookie, especially seeing as we are at home a lot right now. All of these are amazing fast, healthy protein packed dessert or snack options .

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