35 Keto Dips

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collage of keto dip photos.

These KETO DIPS are the perfect answer to a snack attack or get together with friends. From dill veggie dip to buffalo chicken dip, there is something for everyone, whether they’re keto, low carb, or they just love a good dip!

Collage of low carb dip recipes.

I’m a total sucker for dips – there’s no better snack, if you ask me!

Today, I’m sharing loads of keto dip recipes with you, plus all kinds of dipper ideas for you. Because, yes, there is more to dip beyond a potato chip!

Keto Dippers:

It’s easy to get hung up on what to dip in your tasty low carb dip. The classics are crackers and chips but those tend to be high in carbs. If you think outside the box a bit, you’ll find loads of other ideas!

Make your own dippers:

35+ Keto Dips

These keto dips range from chunky guacamole to spicy buffalo chicken dip. There's something for everyone!


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