🤔 Keto, Low Carb, and Sugar-Free in California? {Food Travel Diary}

(grunts) (suitcase plops) – I'm at it again Jadin and Zion and I are heading to California for the week

Yay! And it's the first trip that I've ever left Benjamin on I've never left him longer than like a day, and he's not going on this trip He's gonna be home with daddy and brothers and sisters So it's sad, but he is 15 months, so I can get away with it just this one time After my last flight experience of running and to catch the plane, Naomi, Benjamin, and I had to run to get there, now Jadin and Zion are at Dallas Airport an hour and a half before boarding even starts

We're super on top of things this time My big personal goal for this trip is can I get all the way to California and back and stay low-carb and keto this entire time My first attempt to do this is we're actually having a sit down breakfast because it's 5:51 and our plane starts boarding at 7:20, so I'm gonna try to get something here It's easier when you have a sit down place then just trying to grab food quick and on the go So here's how it came

Good thing I have strong men with me I can give my bread and this is like a little hash brown patty away But, this is all low-carb So we've made it to LA I tried to vlog in the plane, and then Jadin reminded me that it just gets too noisy

So sorry you're not gonna see me talking in the plane Anyway, we're here We got checked into our hotel, dropped our stuff off We're at a restaurant that's at the hotel There's a couple different ones I'm thinking about

Of course they have a steak salad Oh yeah, I don't want the onion rings I'm thinking about getting this cheeseburger but without the bread, adding the bacon, a fried egg, and sliced avocado That sounds like lots of good healthy fat that I need Now I'm vlogging Jadin vlogging Zion pouring his root beer

Jadin's getting B-roll for his footage, and look at what I'm resisting While this magic is happening, look at that bread just sitting there like bread, but I shall not eat it So there you go, here's the appetizer Now with this sandwich, it's the cheeseburger, and I added an avocado, a fried egg, and bacon to it They wrapped it in lettuce for me

Thanks guys! So we're outside now at VidSummit We just got registered and got snacks You'll be so proud of my snack plate I found food to eat That is all that matters with being in California, is Jamerrill still eating

Day 2 here at VidSummit I just got ready and sent Jadin and Zion up to a buffet up on the 12th floor to get breakfast and such And I told 'em, you know, grab me anything that looks like protein Brought me back these eggs, which are good I'm gonna eat these and then we're gonna go on down to the first full day of events

We just got done with our morning sessions, and one of the companies has provided lunch for us I'm gonna show you what's in here We've got a turkey sandwich, we have an apple, we have chips, so I'm out on the chips and the apple I'm gonna eat the inside of the sandwich, looks like its turkey and veggies, but that will not be enough for this mama So probably gonna get another one of those hamburgers wrapped in a lettuce warp at the restaurant if we can get a seat in there

And I think I'm gonna go with maybe this grilled skirt steak salad, except I don't want onion rings or blue cheese dressing Maybe I need the kale chicken Caesar, romaine, kale, Caesar dressing Ugh Must find food to eat I'm actually gonna go with the Cobb salad

I don't think I can go wrong there So here is my big heap of California Cobb salad I guess everything is just chopped really fine in here I asked for the dressing on the side And then to balance it out, Jadin got a brownie ice cream thing

So they have this snack table, you can see like brownies and such I am going to just do a tea with some stevia, and then drink this while I'm listening to some sessions So I got my full on tired being at the conference feels goin' on here We got down there this morning at a little after eight and we finished listening to the last talk a little after six And I am an extrovert, but I feel very people-ed out of all the people, people-y all day

So of course, the next question to what am I eating, and it seems like their room service is very similar to what, it actually it's everything that was in their restaurant So I got the same burger wrapped in lettuce that I got at the restaurant yesterday, and I got the same chicken wings I'm feeling like there's not, it's just not too many options I think the steak was 45 dollars, so for the price of the steak I got the burger and the chicken wings, actually obviously less than the steak See, official

Bare feet, food in the bed So this is the burger, gave my fries to Jadin, and then this is those chicken wings Ah, Thursday morning Why have you done this to me Thursday morning? I got up nice and early I was trying to be a good little vlogger and YouTuber and blogger and all of that

I have these 20 new Instant Pot keto large family freezer meals that as of the recording of this video I haven't published yet I was gonna publish it all today, and you know what? I can't get any of the silly pictures off my phone Super frustrating right now I've tried a bunch of hacks and work-arounds And you'll probably tell me in the comments of this video, and by then they'll probably all be published, hopefully

Anyway, Thursday VidSummitt sessions have already started Jadin already went down stairs Him and Zion brought me back eggs, and this morning they had sausage from their hotel breakfast buffet So now I'm ironing I packed some dresses that I didn't have time to do my quick, you know, real life mom dryer ironing

So now I have to use this archaic ironing board and iron in the hotel to try to find myself something to wear I'm not gonna get down to the sessions today until like lunchtime, I think But we're here, we're doin' it Okay, so mama got ready Little interesting thing, I have some stains goin' on on this dress like all the way down here

Looks like coffee from another day but hopefully my badge just kinda helps me cover this up I won't tell if you don't tell Day 2, but we are fixing the name issue They are making me spelled correctly Okay, lunchbox time

So, I don't know We have time I could go get a salad, too So this is a ham and Swiss I'm gonna put some mayonnaise inside

I'm gonna take it out of the bread and kinda make my own thing here We are done with our last session now, and actually I'm getting ready like in another hour, I'm gonna go live on YouTube how I mentioned I'm having some issues with all these other 50 million videos I've created I still don't think I'm gonna be able to get them out while I'm gone So I'm here at this little restaurant again I'm gonna have a tuna thing

I was askin' the waitress what they had that was low-carb, and she told me about the tuna And then she mentioned if I liked sushi I would probably really like it I've never actually had sushi, so we're gonna see what this looks like I'm gonna try it Let's see how it goes

It looks beautiful I've had one bite The waitress was kind enough to teach me about putting wasabi in the soy sauce I'm learning things So far, the one bite down, it is excellent

So we're in a taxi We haven't been in a taxi in a long time We're goin' to breakfast For my low-carb, I think I'm gonna do Jaime's omelet It's chicken breast, bell pepper, tomatoes, and onions

I know some people don't necessarily do tomatoes, but I'm gonna be a rebel and do it And then lots of coffee somewhere's gonna come into play

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